Sierra Kathryn Hood

Born a Leo August 6 in the year of our Lord: 2010 M M X at 12:23 PM PST 1923 UTC

Of great lineage Atwood and Hood (she could have been named Robin)

8 pounds 9 ounces - 52.1 CM (20.5 inches)

Over 1 Year  2 Years Growing into Woman-Hood

  2011 6 months and beyond

My First Holidaze      First weeks Pics click here          Me and my Daddy at 1 month


Steve 'suiting up' for delivery - Mommy waiting for delivery -  Mommy in Operating room

Click on pics to enlarge


First pic of Christine and Sierra - Steve holding Sierra

Below 1 Day old - Look how much she has grown


Lets start by defining some terms:

Dada means hoodlum

Mama means Chrissy and food!

Grandpa means ME

Grandma means Kathy

Auntie Duppie means Julie

Sierra Kathryn has a fan club with numerous engagements at You can have email forwarded to your normal email by registering at




My Mommy   Pics of me before I was born   When I met Grandpa Jim    My Aunt Doopy

Me and my Daddy at 1 month   2011 - 6 months and beyond

Sierra Hood Holidaze pics   First weeks Pics click here







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